Hungry for Income

Hungry For Income: Food Insecurity Training

Nourish’s Hungry for Income training will transform your understanding of food insecurity.

Since the early 80s, hunger has been framed as the problem, making food the natural solution. But it may surprise you to learn that food, whether from food banks or emergency meals, has never had the power to reduce food insecurity rates. Hunger presents a captivating narrative, but it obscures the reality. Food insecurity means not having enough money to buy food. The root of the problem is income insecurity, and therefore, the only effective solutions are income-based.

In this training, you or your organization will learn about the realities of poverty in both Canada and Peterborough. We present the most recent available data in a digestible, interactive, and compelling format.
Hungry for Income provides an essential knowledge base for anyone involved in emergency food, but is relevant to anyone who cares deeply about our community.

To learn more, contact us at, and please indicate whether you are an individual or a group.