Sharing Land and Growing Harvests

boulevard garden

Sharing Land and Growing Harvests

Backyard, Front-yard & Boulevard Garden Sharing

There has been a significant increase in interest in growing food during these challenging times, and Nourish wants to help get more community members gardening this season!

Nourish supports over 40 community gardens in our region, and now that these gardens are considered essential by the province, the wait-list for plots has grown well beyond the number of plots available. Although these gardens will be run in accordance with Public Health safety protocols, some gardeners have expressed that they would prefer to grow their own food somewhere less public.

To accommodate more gardeners, Nourish is working hard to connect folks with extra growing space to those in need of a place to grow. If you have a backyard, front yard, or boulevard that you'd like to share, please get in touch with Nourish to be paired with an eager gardener. Gardening space should be prepared, or easy to transform into a vegetable garden, and an accessible water source should be present. And as always, if you are a gardener without a garden, Nourish is here to help. Peterborough Public Health's community garden protocols can be applied to home gardening to keep everyone safe.

Nourish will be hosting regular workshops throughout the season to share tips on both growing great gardens and working together safely during this time. If you are a vegetable-growing expert in the community, get in touch, Nourish would love to help you share your knowledge with newer gardeners, and if of interest, have you as a guest at a workshops (happening online for the time being).

To learn more about growing great gardens no matter their size, check out our resources and join in on some of our online workshops