Nourish Dollars

Table with assorted fresh local produce

Nourish Dollars connect local people to local food. By giving them as a gift, using them yourself, or donating to the program, every dollar benefits our economy and local farms.

Available for purchase and provided to participants in our food skills programs, Nourish Dollars promote access to healthy, locally-produced food and support farmers throughout our region.

Looking for ways to support access to healthy food locally? Making a donation to Nourish allows us to offset the cost of offering Nourish Dollars to workshop participants. Donate now to put local food on more plates.

How can I buy Nourish Dollars?

Email us at or call 705-743-3526.

Where can I spend my Nourish Dollars?

  • Nourish Food Box
  • Downtown Farmers’ Market
  • Peterborough Regional Farmers’ Market
  • Curve Lake Farmers' Market
  • Lakefield Farmers' Market
  • Silver Bean Café (Seasonal: May-October)
  • Black Honey Dessert and Coffeehouse/Bakery
  • The Seasoned Spoon Café (Seasonal: While classes are in session at Trent)
  • The Food Shop
  • La Mesita
  • Kyoto Coffee
  • Lakefield Pantry